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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Principal 1


Teachers 1 Miss D Barr : Primary 1
Teachers 2 Miss L Molloy : Primary 2/3
Teachers 3 Miss A McMenemy : Rainbow Room
Teachers 4 Miss L McLean : P6/7
Teachers 5 Miss C Fleming : P4/5

Miss Fleming : Primary 4/5

Miss L McLean : Primary 6/7


Nursery 1 Mrs A Adair: Nursery Co-ordinator (Wed/ Thur/ Fri)

Mrs L.Scott (Monday/Tuesday) : Room 2 

Mrs S White - Nursery Co-ordinator


Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs C.Rodgers: Nursery Assistant
Support Staff 2 Mrs M.Logan: Rainbow Room Assistant

Mrs A Ritchie - Nursery            

Mrs K Cox - P1

Miss J Francey - Foundation Stage 

Miss R Hunter - P1

Miss D McKeown - P4/5

Miss T McClenaghan - P6/7

Mrs H Cochrane - P6/7



School Secretary

School Secretary 1 Mrs S.Lowe


Caretaker 1 Mr W.Hinds

Dining Room Staff

Dining Room Staff 1

Toy Book Library