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I am Amazing.




I hope you enjoyed the Wednesday challenge.


Perhaps you sometimes feel like people are against you or that they are talking about you behind your back, like they are telling you that you’re not good enough or your thoughts are not important.


You might at times think this about yourself.

You are amazing and your skills and talents should be praised and promoted.

Your thoughts and ideas are important.


In the movie ‘Sing’ Meena has this incredible talent and yet because of how other people look at her, laugh at her and speak to her and tell her she’s not good enough, she feels she cannot let her voice be heard.

When Meena finally steps forward to sing, it’s a really big moment of bravery for her. The koala tells her to take deep breaths and that she will not feel afraid anymore if she just starts singing.

Listening to and singing this song today won’t take away all of your fears and insecurities however we can all still try to be brave and try to find ways to express ourselves no matter what others think or say about us.




Again, your challenge is to take a 20-minute timeout from your work. Get others in your family involved too. Watch and listen to the video and songs and then complete the task. Thursday - Repeat these words 3 times to yourself. I am amazing. I am special. I can do anything. I have so many skills and talents. I am proud of myself.

SING "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" with LYRICS by Meena / Tori Kelly

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