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Week 1 : Be Kind

Thoughtful Tuesday 1 - click below to open the presentation

Kindness by The Juicebox Jukebox - Be Kind Kids Song Childrens Music New World Kindness Day 2021

Let's celebrate Kindness! Sing and dance with The Juicebox Jukebox new song "Kindness" featuring an all star cast of adorable kids who know what it means to ...

This is a weekly gratitude and emotions tracker. The pupil needs to think of 6 common emotions for them and assign a colour to each one of them. The outer part of the mandala is for tracking 2 different emotions each day. Inside the mandala they can think of one thing they have been grateful for that day. Sometimes it is tough to do this when you are perhaps having a sad or anxious day but anything at all, no matter how small can be written down. Children could also draw something they are grateful for if they aren’t keen on writing. The inside of the mandala can be used for mindful colouring.