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2022 to 2023 AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS : Primary 1 to Primary 7

31.8.22  AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS Primary 1 to Primary 7


Dear Parents / Carers

We are delighted this year to welcome MRSPORTS to Rathcoole Primary School. 

MRSPORTS will be managing the after school clubs on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.   They work in many of the local schools in the surrounding area and have a full team of coaches on hand to support a wide range of activities.  

We begin this year with the three options in the flyer. 
* Football 
* Dance 
* Multi-sport

Please visit the Visit the booking site:

Select Rathcoole and go from there.

No money or reply slips need to be returned to the office.  School will receive a print out of the attendees on the day of the club and will ensure that your child is brought there.

P1 - P3 must be collected from the front door at 4pm.  The coaches will bring the children to the front.

P4-P7 are allowed to walk home themselves unless otherwise indicated to school.

Please make sure that your child wears their PE kit on the day that they attend clubs - PE is ONLY to be worn on PE days or on club days.  Regular jumpers and T-shirts must be worn on all other days.

We have long awaited the full return of after school clubs due to covid and this is such an asset to the school provision.

Once the teachers settle  back into school, I have no doubt that there will be more on offer.

Many thanks for your continued support and we look forward to an active year ahead. 

Emma Quinn

Clubs we had this year were ...