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Parent Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA)

Welcome to Rathcoole Primary School and Nursery Unit PTFA



If you are interested in volunteering for the PTFA please do not hesitate to contact any committee member or school office.


We are registered with the PTFA (Parent Kind).  You can follow the link to find out more about what this entails.


There is overwhelming evidence that parent participation in education helps our children do better in school, and it's pretty compelling: John Hattie's seminal 2008 study found that, “the effect of parental engagement over a student's school career is equivalent to adding two or three years to that student's education”.

Whether your child is in primary or secondary education, there are so many ways you can get involved with the school, whatever your circumstances, interests or skill-set. So if you don't think the PTFA is for you (we still think you should give it a go!) there are plenty of other ways you can get involved in your child's school.

Even if you can't take part in activities at school, you can still make a valuable contribution by taking part in consultations and surveys, joining insight groups and sharing views with ETI school inspectors. 

Here are just some of the ways you can be practically involved:

Thank you 😁 Bag packing in the community to help raise funds for repairs

A key aspect of involvement in education is to support your child's learning. But what does this involve? Well - it can include anything from helping them with their homework to setting up an environment that suits learning. Sometimes, just knowing that you are interested will help to motivate a child to try their best.