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Believe in Yourself




Remember to achieve at anything it does take hard work.

You should always keep going and never give up. Keep believing in yourself.


Today I have 2 songs for you to listen to. Listen to the lyrics in song 1 and get up and dance to song 2. Enjoy the songs.




Again, your challenge is to take a 10-minute timeout from your work. Get others in your family involved too.

Listen to the songs and then complete the task.


Tuesday- Where is the place you like to visit that makes you feel happy?


Send me a picture, a message or a 30 second video telling me your favourite place you like to go to visit and why you like it. 




Shakira - Try Everything (From "Zootopia") [Official Music Video]

Zootopia soundtrack featuring "Try Everything" by Shakira

BELIEVE (The Song!) Official Lyric Video

BELIEVE (The Song!)