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What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Condition : Nip in the Bud

Autism spectrum condition (ASC), is the preferred name for what is formally known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASC is not technically a mental health disorder; it is a neurodevelopmental condition. However, as 70% of people with ASC develop at least one co-occurring mental health issue, and 40% of these will develop more than one, early recognition is key.
ASC in children varies widely, but typically affects three main areas of functioning: communication, social interaction and behaviour.
Autism is not an illness; it is a spectrum condition that will vary across each area and therefore affect each person differently.

Living With Autism : Dan and Charlie : Nip in the Bud

In this film Dan explains his 9 year old son Charlie’s behaviour and how he came to be diagnosed as high functioning autistic. Dan describes the family dynamics, how best to manage Charlie, what his strengths are and future prospects. Charlie give an insight into living with autism and shares his thoughts and feelings.