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As part of our shared reading we usually read an ebook together as a class.  We discuss the illustrations, the characters, what we can see, what we think might happen next and why.


Unfortunately I am unable to upload the ebook but I have been able to upload the video instead smiley.  The story is called the Old Toy Room please chat with your child about the story perhaps using some of the prompts above. 


Today I have uploaded a sequencing activity (with the answer page - please don't let the children see it)  you will need some scissors and glue. laughlaugh.    


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards

Mrs Reganxxx

The Old Toy Room - A Twinkl Originals Story | Read Along at Home

Explore the magic of The Old Toy Room with this Twinkl originals story. Meet Lottie and her rocking horse, Chester as they explore a wonderful imaginary land...