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Wednesday 20th January



Group 1:  Complete page 11:3

Group 2:  Complete page 1:3

Group 3:  Complete page 12:3

Group 4:  Completed this weeks tasks.



All groups:  Complete next page in your handwriting book.



All groups:  Read your reading book uploaded by private message or

                   choose a book from

                  (use the username & password sent by private message last week) or

                  choose a book from


Mental Maths:

All groups:  Complete Wednesday column

Fast finishers for the work below can try the following: or

Group 2 - Complete p18 - Addition

Group 3 - Complete p5 - Counting in 10s

Group 4 - Complete p17 - How much money

Wellbeing Wednesday


Today we are thinkng and talking about our feelings, what they look like, what they feel like.  Can you talk to your adult about your feelings, giving them a name and describing how they make you feel?