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Wellbeing Wednesday & Practical Activities

To continue our Wellbeing theme - this week our theme is 'Don't be a sore loser'.  It is very easy to become caught up with any game we play and we want so badly to win, sometimes, somebody else wins and we can feel angry or really sad.  Please watch the video below and talk with your adult about your emotions and how they make you feel and have a think about some of the actions you take when you are playing.  



You will need:

Paper plate


Tape and glue

Paint, felt tips or pencils

Art Activity - Paper Plate Puffin - This may take 2/3 days as you may have to collect some of the material.

STEM Challenge


This activity could take 3/4 days to complete as you may need to collect some of the material first. 

Your challenge is it make a roller coaster using the following materials:

cardboard box (for the base of the roller coaster)

paper straws (lots!)


elastic bands

sticky tack

masking tape

pipe cleaners

table tennis ball or other small ball (to test your roller coaster)

I have attached a power point with all of your instructions.  Please send photos to Mrs Regan of your finished roller coaster.

STEM Challenge - Build your own roller coaster