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Christmas Devices from Santa ...

With Christmas only days away, it won’t be long before lucky children across the land are gleefully opening the new devices that Santa’s delivered. Chances are they’ll want to dive straight in and see what their new present can do. But with any device that connects children with the digital world, adults should invest some time putting safeguards in place so their young ones can learn and play in safety. This week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide is our rundown of online safety tips for ensuring those new devices only bring the joy they were intended to.

Whether it’s their own phone, a tablet or the latest console, Father Christmas will soon be furnishing many children with a shiny new device. So what do parents need to know in advance? How do we make sure children can use these devices safely? And how do we keep their screen time down? Our guide has the answers.

This guide is a useful starting point for parents and carers whose children are about to get an internet-enabled device.