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SAFE PLACE in Rathcoole Primary School and Nursery Unit

23.3.21   SAFE PLACE 

Dear families and friends 

With the tragic news over the weekend in our community, it is the right time to let you and the wider community know that Rathcoole PS and NU is a Safe Place.  

* We support the Safe Place Campaign Pledge, to never commit, condone or stay silent about domestic violence.

* We provide a Safe Place for victims of domestic abuse to confidentially access information. 

* We acknowledge domestic violence is a problem that impacts on all of us as a society, and will be prepared to play our part in supporting victims and state clearly to perpetrators that we will not tolerate abuse in our community.  

Freephone 24 Hour Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline 
(opened to all women and men affected by domestic and sexual abuse)   
0808 802 1414

As part of our NSPCC Keeping Safe Programme and PDMU curriculum, we educate the children in recognising their emotions and feelings - giving them the words and language to be able to share how they feel and ask for help when they need it.  

The safeguarding team and pastoral care staff, offer that much needed additional support around you and your child in a time of need and signpost you to appropriate support pathways. 

Please share this message with the community, in the hope that we can end domestic violence for good.

E Quinn
Designated Safeguarding Teacher
Pastoral Care