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6th January 2023 : WE NEED YOU!

Dear families and carers

We will be celebrating National Storytelling Week on 30th January to Friday 3rd February 2023 with all of our pupils from Nursery to Primary 7.


As part of our Intergenerational Project we would love to invite parents/ grandparents into school to read or share a story with small groups of children.

You do not have to be an Oscar Actor to come in - we need you to read like you read all the bedtime stories to your own children and grandchildren. Just be you.
Please complete the form below so we can help plan and support you in the coming weeks. We will help guide and be with you there every step (or page) if the way.
All we need is a commitment of about 15-20 minutes over the course of the week. We will do all the rest.

Any queries or questions, please just give me a message or call at school.

This is going to be fantastic and so exciting for all the children to see family members in the school and nursery.

Spread the word and get volunteering.